Online Registration

Registration status for the 2023-2024 school year:


Non-Resident Transfers

  • Non-resident transfers will open for the first semester of 2024-2025 school year beginning on March 1, 2024 and closing on June 1, 2024.
  • The Non-Resident Transfer form will also need to be completed and submitted to the Administrative Services Center Building at 6631 S CR 200 W, Clayton, IN 46118 prior to enrollment in early April. 

Registration status for the 2024-2025 school year:


There are 3 options for enrollment.

Please scroll down to see instructions for each option. 
  1. New Student - that has never been a MCCSC Student and no siblings
  2. New Student - with siblings and adding onto an existing PowerSchool Parent Account
  3. Returning Student

Brand New to MCCSC

Once you have completed the New Student Enrollment, Go
Here and create your PowerSchool Parent account.  You will receive an EMAIL with your New Students – Access ID and Password – use this to add student to your newly created Parent Acct. –under Account Preferences/Students TAB/Add

New to MCCSC but has siblings and a parent account

Once you have completed the New Student Enrollment, Go
Here and ADD your New Student to your CURRENT PS PARENT ACOUNT – you will receive an EMAIL with their Access ID and Password – under Account Preferences/Students TAB/Add

Returning MCCSC Student Registration


Log into you PowerSchool Parent Account.  Click on FORMS – and complete ALL forms for your student(s).  This is the time to make all necessary changes/updates of data. 
Which includes MARKING who can pick up your student(s) from SCHOOL within the CONTACTS:   ie  mother/father/grandfather/etc.

If you do not remember your login or password, you can click on Forgot Username or Password? and it will send the information to the email that you entered within your PowerSchool Parent account.

If you have questions, please call your school:

Cascade HS                      317/539-9315

Cascade MS                     317/539-9285

Mill Creek East/LCPK     317/539-9225

Mill Creek West              317/539-9255

Transportation                317/539-9241